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12480 Alphanumeric System   12480

12480 was designed in 2002 by Bradley Tetzlaff from Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA. It was invented for both use in a computer game named Ecclemony (1E78) and as a basis for constructed languages. It was also designed to show how a true alphanumeric* writing system looks and works. 12480 is not based upon phonemes, but rather upon binary. It achieves complete universality with an optimal amount of applications from its binary basis. A writing system based on phonemes will only last as long as the human voice is used. 12480's binary foundation will last as long as numbers exist.

* "Alphanumeric" is used here to describe the combination of an alphabet and a numeral system.

Notable features

  • 12480 is composed of various scripts, each of which could be considered a separate writing system on their own. Each script has its own specialities and advantages.

  • Each script is used to represent either a word or a number by default. Visit http://www.12480.8m.com/scripts.html to see a list of what each script's default is.

  • Each alphanumeric has both a consonant and a vowel assigned to it. They can be used interchangeably except for the initial phoneme--An initial consonant represents a word and an initial vowel represents a number.

  • The punctuation is limited to break symbols, grouping symbols, and radix indicators, but it may be extended in future versions.

  • Words are typically separated with a circle instead of a space. A space is used to group symbols in radixes lower than 16 into hexadecimal segments.

  • 12480 is usually written from top to bottom and from left to right. A baseline underline is used to show how the text is oriented.

Used to write
Binary (radix 2), quadnary (radix 4), hexadecimal (radix 16), radix 256, and all other numeral systems based on a power of two. Anything that can be expressed with a numeric value can be written using 12480.

The 12480 Alphanumeric System

The 12480 Alphanumeric System


12480 Sample

Free 12480 fonts

The official 12480 website

The Ecclemony (1E78) 12480 website

Please note, this page was put together by Bradley Tetzlaff. If you have any questions about 12480, you can write directly to Bradley at: [email protected]

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