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World Language Process Picture Gallery

The World Language Process has continuously progressed for many years. There should be, by now, many pictures for our picture gallery but we are just starting this page and hope to soon add more pictures to it.

The proposed architectural center piece of the UNKOMMON Foundation and the World Language Process is the Universal Language Institute at Bahj� du Canada.

These are pictures of a model of the building that we hope will be built sometime in the next ten years. This picture is a side view. The building won first prize in 1988 for Canadian Architectural Design.

The site for the Universal Language Institute is a beautiful rural setting divided by a stream and waterfall. On the other side of the stream is the dormitory building.

The Universal Language Institute is located in the highest county in Ontario and is located on one of the highest hills in the county. From this height a tall antenna is intended to give it a broadcast reach all across North America.

The overall site has a deep spiritual significance in the history of Aboriginal Americans whose oral tradition prophecized that it is where a Great Treasure of the world would be discovered - which we hope to mean the Universal Auxiliary Language.

The Universal Language Institute is being dedicated as a memorium to Bahj� Barrett Beach whose memorial is located on the site and who is buried beneath the rock located there.

In July of 2002 we held the first annual World Language Process picnic at Bahj� du Canada with attendees from Ontario, Quebec, Michigan, Oklahoma, and Washington.

Here is a link to pictures of the June 2004 WLP / Humanistic Olympic signing ceremony in Beijing, China

And of the coordinator's China trip.

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