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Omniglot - a guide to writing systems
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Quikscript / Read  Alphabet   Quikscript

Quikscript was created by Kingsley Read, who also created the Shavian alphabet. Read noticed various problems with the Shavian alphabet and decided to produce a new alphabet which addressed these problems. His new creation proved popular with Shavian enthusiasts.

Notable features

  • There are two forms of Quikscript - Junior & Senior.

  • Senior Quikscript is semi-cursive and is thought of as the "official" form of Quikscript. Most of the letters connect most of the time and there are alternative forms of letters to help further connect letters. There are also contractions of popular words.

  • The letters of Junior Quikscript are not connected at all.

Quikscript/Read Alphabet

Quikscript / Read Alphabet

Quikscript fonts are available from the following news group, which you have to join in order to download them: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Read_Alphabet/

Futher information about Quikscript

Other alternative writing systems:
Braille, Deseret, Gy?nz, Mesa, Moon, Morse code, Nikhilipi, Quikscript/Read Alphabet, Shavian, Theban, Unifon, 12480

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