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Omniglot - a guide to writing systems
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Gy?nz  Gy?nz

Gy?nz was invented by Simon Ager (the author of this site) in 1998 as an alternative way to write Mandarin Chinese. Since then it has gone through many revisions and refinements. The sound system is based on bopomofo (the Chinese Phonetic Alphabet) with some modifications. The shapes of the letters were inspired partly by bopomofo and partly by such alphabets as Thai and Burmese. The numerals are based, very loosely, on Burmese numerals.

The first part of the name 'g' (pronounced 'gurr') is my surname in Chinese, the second part, 'y?nz' means 'phonetic letters'.

Notable features

  • Syllables can be made up of an initial plus a final, a final on its own, or an initial on its own, but not all initials can stand on their own.

  • Tones are marked in the same why as in bopomofo.

Used to write:
Mandarin Chinese, but could be adapted to write other varieties of Chinese.


Gy?nz initial letters


Gy?nz finals

Tone indication

Gy?nz tone indication


Gy?nz numerals

Sample text

Sample text in the Gy?nz script

This text in Chinese characters

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