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Introduction to
Bruce Beach Chess Pages

If you have some suggestions or comments you would like to pass on to me about these pages you may do so at: [email protected]

I have been very interested in chess for many years, receiving patents on a chess teaching machine (which can also be used as a general purpose teaching machine). It has been my hope to put the chess teaching program teaching program on the web but that has so far not proven possible.

As a part of my interest in Chess, some years ago I put on the largest Chess exhibition that had ever been put on in Canada, at least until that time, if not ever. We had many participants including Grandmasters and David Levy played and won his famous $10,000 bet against the computer. Joel Benjamin, then the youngest master in history, and later the US Champion, played round robin chess against all comers, and we had many other exhibits including the first personal computer chess games. The event cost over $100,000, which was a large sum of money back then and would be like a million dollar match today.

My particular interest has been in the two move problem, and that is what I use in my machine to teach chess. I think there is a great mystery about the origins of chess and that it is a marvelous means of discipling and exercising the intellect. I would like to see children much more universally introduced to it. Here is a link to some of the sample problems (from the very simple to very difficult) that are taught by my machine. Unfortunately, I have never gotten the program working on the web, so you will not know for sure that you get the answer right.

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