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Universal Auxiliary Language
Discussion Groups and Articles

This page contains a list of various Universal Auxiliary Language discussion groups and proposals for a UAL.

(1) The intention is that the World Language Process Discussion should be a broad enough an umbrella to permit any ideas, pro or con, about Universal Auxiliary Language (UAL).

(2) Disclaimer: The World Language Process (WLP) is not anti-religious, but it is not associated with any religion. Although the founder of the UNKOMMON Foundation, who is also the International Coordinator of the WLP, is a Baha'i, the Baha'i head administrative body, the Universal House of Justice (UHJ), has specifically decreed that the WLP is not to identify itself in any way with the Baha'i Faith. At the same time the UHJ states that it applauds the effort and offers prayers for the success of the wLP.

(3) Disclaimer: The World Language Process at the present advocates NO particular language. The WLP will willingly help develop and promote any language chosen by a world government. The present WLP use of 'Angel' for experimentation is a matter of convenience because some language is needed for that purpose. Should 'Angel' itself prove to be a viable candidate for the UAL it will undoubtedly require many radical modifications to its present form.

(4) The WLP will gladly add any requested relevant discussion categories or links to this page. To make such a request, email: [email protected]

Principles of UAL Development

WLP Method

Wikipedia IAL

Discussion Forums

One Tongue Home Page in Various Languages
A project for promoting a world auxiliary language

alt.lang artificial language discussion

Wiki artificial language discussion

Proposed Constructed Languages

A list of 312 constructed languages


Opposition to Constructed Languages

Opposition to Constructed Languages

Script Proposals

Omniglot Description of Many Scripts

Unicode Script Proposals

Some scripts we have examined

Brasseur's Binary Code based upon the I-Ching

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