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The World Language Process
presentation at
The Cardiff 2005
Language and Global Communications Conference

in Wales, United Kingdom

flag of Wales
Language and
Global Communications

flag of Japan
Invited Presenter
Prof. Jonathan Britten
from Nakumura University

flag of Canada
was the initial funder
of the ACCESS system
the focus of the presentation

flag of China
became the World Leader
in UAL Development
by being the first
to implement at an Olympics

Bruce Beach
International Coordinator
for the
World Language Process
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bruce and antony
Both Bruce and Antony
made presentations for the WLP
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cardiff university
Bruce Beach and
Antony Alexander
at Cardiff University
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bruce jean antony
Bruce, Jean and Antony
attended for the WLP
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The World Language Process program of the UNKOMMON Foundation was invited to make a presentation at the Cardiff University 2005 Language and Global Communications Conference in Wales, United Kingdom on July 8th, 2005.

The intended speaker had been World Language Process chancellor for Japan, Prof. Jonathan Britten.

The ACCESS system, which was the central focus of the presentation, received its initial funding from the Canadian Federal Government.

A main point of interest in the presentation was that the ACCESS system had been chosen by Humanistic Olympics Committee for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China to be the language teaching system for teaching the Olympic guides and hosts.

Circumstances at Nakumura University dictated that Professor Britten's presentation had to be delivered by the WLP International Coordinator from Canada, Bruce Beach, an arrangement to which the organizers of the Cardiff Conference consented.

Both the World Language Process International Coordinator, Bruce Beach and long time World Language Process member from the United Kingdom, Antony Alexander, on subsequent days made presentations about the World Language Process.

The Cardiff Conference took place towards the end of a two week period that had seen immense world activity for the progress of peace and prosperity. The period had been initiated by the LIVE 8 Musical Events, that were attended and watched by many millions throughout the world, and concluded with the G-8 Conference in adjoining Scotland. During the Cardiff Conference there occurred the London terrorist bombings which once more emphasized the need for world understanding and peace.

World Language Process Attendees at the Conference were both Bruce and Jean Beach and Antony Alexander.

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