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The UNKOMMON Foundation


Model of the
Universal Language Institute
to be built in Canada
The UNKOMMON Foundation
(UNiversal KOMunications por la MONde)

The UNKOMMON Foundation and its World Language Process program have always considered China as being one of the MAJOR players in establishing a global Universal Auxiliary Language.

The UNKOMMON Foundation is a decades old Canadian Federally Incorporated non-profit organization with chancellors at the university level or higher in over 30 countries in the world.

The World Language Process is a project of the IAEWP (International Association of Educators for World Peace) a decades old NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) to the United Nations and UNESCO and Bruce Beach is also the IAEWP language coordinator to the UN International Language Consortium.

Both the WLP International Coordinator and the WLP China Coordinator have had long relationships with China and this program should prove of great benefit in strengthening the cultural ties not only between China and the Chinese in Canada but between China and Canada as a whole.

Board of Directors & Chancellors of UNKOMMON

History of UNKOMMON

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