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The World Language Process presently has requests for hundreds of teachers to teach English. Many of these requests are from Governors of Provinces in Thailand, but there are many requests from other places in the world including from the State of Florida for teaching English to Spanish speaking prisoners. As of June 2004 we also have an agreement with China to teach ten million Chinese guides and support personnel for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

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They first positions mentioned provide room and board for the volunteers and have no cost to the volunteers, except transportation. Details have not yet been worked out for the China Olympics project. All of these require the availability of the World Language Process ACCESS System for which we are presently seeking funding to implement.

While in the past we maintained a registry of teacher volunteers we discontinued doing so because we found that obtaining volunteers was not going to be a problem since there are many university students and retired people willing to volunteer. At the moment our full focus is on obtaining the funding for implementing the ACCESS system.

In the interim, however, we are also assisting an affiliate in China to obtain volunteer teachers for the affiliate's English teaching program. Please understand, that while there is some expense to the volunteers for this program that the World Language Process does not receive one penny of the fees or any remuneration of any sort for helping make the placements. We do it completely in a spirit of service to China and the world.

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The Chinese affiliate is called SINOTEACH and is an independent, non-political and non-religious network for placement of native speakers of English and international volunteers to teach in China and for hosting international students to learn Chinese in China under the sponsorship and guarantee of Yantai Jianwen College. Presently, there are two programs.

teacher and students

The Two Programs

One program is a VOLUNTEER TEACHING program and the other program is a STUDY program. The participant may enroll in one or the other. The different mission statements of the two programs are as follows:

      1. The Volunteer Teaching Program
      Placement of native speakers of English, international travellers and volunteers to TEACH conversational English in various kinds of Chinese schools, colleges and universities on both short-term and long-term basis.

      2. The Chinese Study Program
      Hosting/receiving international students to STUDY Chinese language and culture in Chinese schools or universities.

The Teaching Program

The mission of SINOTEACH is to promote volunteerism and improve the quality English education in China as well as enhance intercultural understanding and friendship through English education.

SINOTEACH volunteer positions are available year round for both short-term and long-term placements with associate schools, colleges and universities in China.

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The qualifications required for teaching and volunteering on any of the associate campuses are as follows:

      1. Must be a native speaker of English
      2. Must be 18 years of age or older
      3. Must be healthy
      4. Should be enthusiastic

The package of benefits offered by all Chinese schools through SINOTEACH are as follows:

      1. Free standard quality room on campus with daily living facilities and necessities.
      2. Monthly living allowance (pocket money),which will cover the basic daily expenses during the teaching placements.
      3. Free local tour and sightseeing during weekends and/or holidays.
      4. Teaching and living assistance provided.
      5. Free Chinese language learning class arranged.
      5. Free airport pick-up at local airport.

The volunteer will have to cover the following costs:

      1. International round-trip airfare and China domestic airfare.
      2. Phone bills if any.
      3. Overseas travel and health insurance.
      4. Other personal spending and costs not mentioned above.

The volunteer will be teaching conversational English for 16-20 hours per week. No classes on Saturdays and Sundays.


There is a modest administrative program cost for both the Volunteer Teacher Program and the China Study Program and which the volunteer or student must pay.

There is a ONE TIME administrative fee of $350
A $50 per month maintenance fee.

The volunteer or student can extend their stay up to any period of time that they wish providing that they can obtain the required government visa. Fees are payable upon completion of arrangements and should be compatible with the visa period. For example the total fee for a planned stay of three months would be $500 and the total fee for one year would be $950 with annual extension fees of $600 payable at the time of visa extension for those who stay for multiple years.

Benefits of the Volunteer Teacher Program

The SINOTEACH program fee covers an administrative charge, placement arrangement, accommodation, three meals/per day during the teaching periods, local transportation for volunteers and supervision, daily coordination between volunteers and the sponsoring schools as well as the organization of social activities such as parties, conferences, family visits/stays and so on.

teacher and student

The program fee is also taken as the contribution and donation from the volunteers to the China Teach and Volunteer Program to help the students and schools in development of the curriculum, and cover the costs of the library facilites, the textbooks and teaching materials.

teacher and students

As this is a teaching and volunteering program, the volunteers should not expect financial gain from the program. However the volunteers do benefit from living with the local Chinese community, experiencing the Chinese culture, visiting the relics of the Chinese heritage and as well in the making of Chinese friendships.


For the moment, the SINOTEACH program focuses on the placement of volunteers in Yantai City and its neighbouring cities, Shandong Province, China. The people in Shandong are hospitable, friendly and easy-going and show great respect to the foreign teachers and volunteers.

Additional Costs of The Chinese Study Program

While there are free Chinese language classes for the Teacher Volunteers there is an additional program fee for students who prefer to spend full time studying the Chinese Language. This fee varies from school to school, and will be quoted separately depending on the requests of individual applicants.

Additional Information

For information on Yantai and Shandong Province, please refer to the following sites for details:


There are also positions available in:

    Sri Lanka

To enroll for China, Sri Lanka or Bangladesh
contact directly:

Jack Liu
World Language Process Coordinator and

      Executive Director
      Sinoteach International Ltd.
      Email: [email protected]
      Suite 2115, Tianhe Building, 163 Yingchundajie, Laishan District,
      Yantai City,
      Shandong Province, China Zip:264003
      MSN: [email protected]
      Skype: Sinoteach

Jack LIU

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