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LangX: Towards a Universal Language


[1] Historically there have been two fundamental types of common language: the ONELANG - or comprehensive national language - and the AUXLANG - or new constructed language.....

[2] "The Horns of a Dilemma" - will a ONELANG or an AUXLANG become the world's common tongue?

[3] Whichever option is officially endorsed or chosen, the two basic kinds of common language will continue into the distant future. If a ONELANG such as English is confirmed, the various AUXLANGS will continue, both for their present benefit, and as testbeds for potential linguistic development within the ONELANG. And if an AUXLANG is chosen the ONELANGS will certainly be preserved, as they have been, by those conscious of their value as cultural repositories. LangX is an AUXLANG project, though with both a preamble and an aftermath, since it conforms to the historically-successful pattern for restricted or less-than-global AUXLANGS here termed the Contact Language ~ Pidgin ~ Creole Progression. Thus LangX aspires to be a new constructed language, formulated scientifically, and according to historical precedent.

[4] It follows that LangX should begin with just a "contact language" or international core vocabulary - a formal grammar being rolled out later. Here are a couple of wordlists for starters - more welcomed!

Two Fundamental Types of Common Language

The Horns of a Dilemma: Auxlang vs Onelang

The Contact Language ~ Pidgin ~ Creole Progression

LangX: The World Language Dilemma Resolved

More Wordlists, Please!

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