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Comic Book Project of the World Language Process

The Shoe Boy concept was begun in October 1995 and has been refined since that time.The comic book program has been under the direction of Shawn Beilfuss since September of 1997. Shawn has had extensive experience in the field and traveled to Japan (where he now resides) in his studies of comic books as an art, communications and education form.

Presently, the main purpose of this web page is to recruit volunteer writers to help develop story plots and initial dialogue and scene descriptions for the Shoe Boy stories.

Those interested in helping may be benefited by the following links:

A. The social goals of the project.

B. A list of virtues that we are wishing to teach.

      This link lists dozens of different virtues
      from among which you can choose a virtue
      to explain in your Shoe Boy plot.

C. The basic structure of each Shoe Boy plot.

      This link explains the basic Shoe Boy plot
      which your story will need to follow.

D. A standard form for plot development.

      There is presented here a standard format
      for submission of your Shoe Boy story.

E. Further offsite information regarding Comic Book scripts.

      This is an external link
      to further information
      about writing in the comic book genre.

The Task:

Writing the story shouldn't take you long. Thirty minutes or an hour on the word processor. 300 words is not that many.

What may take you long - even weeks - is the creativeness of the story. For myself - I do this sort of thing in my head. I dream about it at night, especially when dropping off to sleep. I often dream the story all night long. I get my best thoughts first thing in the morning as I wake up or maybe a half hour later. Ideas come to me during prayer and meditation. I discuss the story with others and tell it over and over to anyone that I can find who will listen. It improves with the telling. People give thoughts and suggestions.

Someone might say - three hundred words isn't much. That is true but remember this is a story with 40 pictures and a picture communicates a thousand words. What is important is the concept and the concept is very important because what we are trying to communicate is God's healing Message for humankind.

The shortness is the beauty. Think of it as a Haiku, the three or fewer line Japanese poetry form of perfection with no more than 18 syllables in total. And regarding the restrictions of format think of the sonnet with its fourteen lines in iambic pentameter. Certainly, you have much more flexibility - than either of those disciplines.

What you say, or how you say it is not all that important. What it is that you have (possess) to say - is ALL important. What is being sought here is not execution but rather creativeness. Approximately 40 frames and 300 words. So little - but so much. Little space - but BIG ideas.

A fixed formula - like the four strings on a violin. But the variation, creativeness and skill that can be obtained therefrom is immense.

Finding examples of famous heroic individuals who applied the virtue. Understanding how other cultures view the virtue and have taught it. Finding a suitable social situation and method for Shoe Boy to communicate the virtue. All that may take considerable research, introspection and social comprehension. To think, create, ponder and meditate. THERE is the task. Execution requires but a few moments.

Those coming to this page and wishing to volunteer as a writer, should contact Bruce Beach

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