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Social Goals of the Comic Book Project

There are ten Social Goals for the Shoe Boy project.

    1. To help teach the UAL (still to be selected).

    2. To increase literacy
    (which is not necessarily the same as learning a language).

    3. To assist economically deprived individuals
    to improve themselves where language and literacy
    may help them get better employment.

    4. To help instil virtues in the reader
    and the community at large.

    5. To increase an awareness and tolerance
    of other religions and cultures.

    6. To make known great exemplars (role models)
    of various virtues.

    7. To spread awareness of various scientific, social,
    geographical concepts such as the
    astronomical immensity of the universe,
    the need for a world government,
    the education of women, etc.,
    just economic and political systems
    and the location of other countries in the world.

    8. To instil a thirst for knowledge.

    9. To create enjoyment in reading.

    10. To 'light the lamp of search' in individuals -
    for a 'Great World Teacher'.

Target audience:

Young (8-18) economically deprived people living in Third World countries.

Example: A homeless street youth living in Brazil, receiving free language instruction in an hour or two class each day from volunteer teachers.

This concept of comic book UAL teaching has been in development since Oct. 1st. 1995. Some prototype stories were written - but we are still very much in development. You can see how this fits into the overall process of the spreading of a Universal Auxiliary Language.

Final production will probably depend upon the selection, development and acceptance of a universal auxiliary language by an appropriately appointed and authorized International Committee - but this is something that we hope will occur in the not too far off future, and for which we need to make preparation - NOW!

If you are not familiar with the mission and history of the World Language Process you may find it beneficial to use the guidance bar below and to familiarize yourself with the WLP.

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