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Shoe Boy Plot Development Format

The technique for writing a comic book script is much the same as that for writing a TV script. Split the page vertically and label the left hand side audio and the right hand side video (visual) - but in this case on the one side put 'dialog' and on the other 'graphic'. A line is drawn between each frame. If it is easier mechanically, say with a word processor, one can write the dialog box and then immediately below it put the graphic box. The graphic description needs to be only sufficient so that the artist can know the details, emotion, feel to communicate. The artist will tell the visual story but the writer determines the plot.

General Plot of Frames:

    1 (or 2 or 3) Frame Opening

    16 (plus or minus) frames of observation of a conflict / problem
    while seeking the Great Teacher
    There can be great variation in the number of frames -
    devoted to the conflict observation / definition
    versus those devoted below to the conflict resolution.

    2 frames (more or less) of mediation or spontaneously receiving guidance in a vision from the Elder as to what virtue is needed / missing.

    16 (plus or minus) frames of being instrumental in solution of the conflict by presenting the virtue -
    This may include a sub plot about some famous heroic character
    or about some religious / cultural / scientific / geographic information.

    5 or less frames of closing

      a. questions whether or not he has helped

      b. Told by vision that the result is not his concern /
      only his right action is his concern

      c. Told to continue the search for the Great Teacher

      d. Puts on moccasins, lights "lamp of search" and says prayers

      e. Lies down to sleep with "Angel" beside him.

    40 frames (more or less) total
    about 7 words per frame
    something like 300 words

This is only a general guideline.
The rules are not hard and fast.
If you look at:

Further offsite information regarding Comic Book scripts.

you will see that you can call for (envision) a great variety of layouts. Sometimes a frame will be split, or doubled, or even a full page or double page. All these things are possible but the final artistic drawing decision will be made by the artist.

You needn't worry too much about 'wordsmithing' or what words you use to tell the story - so long as you stay in the general parameter of numbers. The actual words for the story will be translated into the universal auxiliary language using simplified words in the learner's vocabulary.

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