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Call To The Countries
and individuals therein

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Call For A Global Commission


Not until a great world catastrophe occurs will humanity awaken to the reality that the time has come when it must search out and implement each and everything that will contribute to its peace, tranquility and harmony.

All things that foster understanding, respect, and appreciation of the diverse cultures that make up the human tapestry must be encouraged and supported with all the resources that the world can muster.

Many institutions of an economic and cultural nature are needed to organize humanity into a collective, although diverse, whole. On the economic side there are those things such as an international monetary system, various organizations for standards in weights, measures, transportation and communication, and the governance of international exchange.

On the cultural side, institutions for cultural exchange, the promotion and distribution of 'intellectual property', the friendly competition of the Olympics, International Expositions, and the international opportunity for travel will continue to prove very important.

But, first and foremost, the thing needed for the overall cultural unification of humanity is a universal auxiliary language. Which language or what language is a matter that needs to be decided by a Commission representative of the whole of humanity and its diverse cultures. Such a commission must be chosen with the authority of a world government behind it. The manner of the commission's selection, and the responsibilities with which it must be charged are the subject of this call.

Some Principles:

Some principles that must guide the selection of a universal language are that:

      A. It must foster Unity in Diversity.

      B. It must be equitable in the learning burden that it places on people in the various cultures.

      C. It must be equitable in its attainability to the various socio-economic classes of society.

The Commission needs to involve many disciplines.

The BIC has stated:

"We propose the appointment of a high-level Commission, with members from various regions and drawn from relevant fields, including linguistics, economics, the social sciences, education and the media, to begin careful study on the matter of an international auxiliary language and the adoption of a common script."

To extend this list there should perhaps be two lists: one dealing with the language itself and the other dealing with the script.

Language list:

      the social sciences

Script list:


Some principles for the development of a script might be:

      a. Distinguishability of each character from other characters

      b. Recognizability of the character (say at a distance)

      c. Relationship of letters to one another for cursive writing

      d. Fewness of strokes per letter

      e. Economy of horizontal space in representation of the letter

      f. Economy of vertical space

        (perhaps elimination of ascenders and descenders)

      g. Compatibility to various font representation (bolding, etc.)

      h. Ergonomics of recognition (eye scanning and so forth)

      i. Ergonomics of writing (less removal of pen from paper)

      j. Aesthetics as to appearance

Certainly there should be an opportunity to make their proposals by representatives of all:
      existing natural languages
      proposed created languages
      and the general public

Lists of proposed principles and points should be maintained.

Someone making a new proposal should indicate how their proposal conforms to the list
and or how they are proposing a new priniciple or point to be added to the

list of scripts

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