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Current Activities

The World Language Process is developing its presentations for encouraging and guiding consultation about a universal language at some future World Global Conference for peace.

Someday the need for a UAL will be widely recognized and it will become possible to organize projects such as was accepted by China in 2004 for the World Olympics in China in 2008

World Language Process
(Towards A Universal Auxiliary Language)

that the following proposed presentation
prepared for the AILA Conference in 2011
was NOT accepted
and that the presentation was not given at that conference.

The sad state of affairs was that, although we applied in many venues, nowhere could we, or anyone else, find academic support for the theme of a universal auxiliary language. Whereas this was a theme that should have had many proponents and the attention of numerous linguists in numerous conferences and other forums - there was none.

The proposed presentation for AILA 2011 in Beijing was in two parts:

In 2008 Bruce Beach was moderator of several presentations at the AILA Conference in Germany
and was also a presenter at a symposium there for the World Language Process.

In 2005 the WLP made a presentation at the Global Communications Conference at Cardiff University in Wales.

In 2004 the WLP signed a letter of understanding at Remnin University in Beijing for the Olympics 2008.

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