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The World Language Process

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The UNKOMMON (UNiversal KOMunications por la MONde - Esperanto) Foundation and its World Language Process have always considered China as being one of the MAJOR players in establishing a global Universal Auxiliary Language.


[Picture is of a model of the Universal Language Institute to be built in Canada.]


The International Coordinator of the World Language Process has made several trips to mainland China regarding the establishment of Language Teaching Institutes.



[Link: International Coordinator's 2004 trip to China.]


[Picture is of the International Coordinator's son and his son's family. The coordinator's son taught English for a year in Northern China and now operates a Montessori method and English language school in Taiwan.]


While in Jiangsu, China, in 1985 the World Language Process International Coordinator and the UNKOMMON Foundation, was granted a corporate charter for EDCO (EDucation COrporation) which was the first corporate charter ever granted by the modern state of China to a non-Chinese person or entity.

A primary goal of the UNKOMMON Foundation and EDCO is to establish non-profit language teaching institutes in China.


[Picture is of Bruce Beach, International Coordinator of the World Language Process.]

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